The Blue Star

A place where artist, musicians, forward thinkers and peace keepers can come to share their ideas and creations with a like minded eco conscious community.  A community that shares it’s concerns as they relate to living in harmony with each other and our planet.


Budda Barn

The Buddha Barn Presents:
Live Music
Lectures & Discussions
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Conscious Gatherings

Pathway to Self – Sonic Vibrational Experience! 10/6/18   More info…

A place where real people, real talent and a real community of caring individuals come to unwind, discuss, socialize, conceptualize and activate what it takes to make our lives and our world a better place.

325 Race Hill Road, Madison, CT


We celebrate creative thought, motion and positive intention through the arts. What we hope to accomplish here is to create a transformative space for people to share their sound and visual vibe with like-minded and eco-conscious beings, in the studio, in concert and on line. To help you gather momentum with yours and our sonic vision of current artistic or musical projects as it relates to creating a better more sustainable place on our planet.

What’s New

Pathway to self – Sonic Vibrational Experience! 10/6/18

October 6, 7:00-9:00 pm The Buddha Barn is pleased to present an evening of conscious and revitalizing conversation, with a sound experience that is sure to elevate your spirits. Come be in community with us and take that much-needed break from the Matrix. Open hearts and minds together as we usher in the fall season …

The Sound Light and Energy Experience!

The Sound Light and Energy Experience! Back by popular demand! In this time of great change- This not to miss, sonic tune up will clear, clean and set your energy centers right. Get grounded, get clear, get focused, refresh and activate you highest self! Limited seating Thursday May 12 2016 7-8:30 pm