Pete Onofrio is a Didgeridoo, Native American flute player and percussionist. He has also studied Afro Caribbean drumming under the tutelage of Baba David Coleman and Abu Carter and has also studied extensively under the tutelage of Sequoyah Trueblood, shaman of the Choctaw Nation and Kentrul Lodro Thaye Rinpoche, Rinpoche meaning precious one in Tibetan. He is a Tibetan Buddhist high Lama and teacher of the Buddhist beliefs.

Pete has lectured at Yale University and performed in several multi media performances at Wesleyan University, where he has been and continues his studies in video and audio production. He has and continues to travel extensively in Australia studying Aboriginal culture and Didgeridoo playing since 1997. He has founded a nonprofit organization in 2004 called Blue Star Productions promoting music, arts and ancient indigenous philosophy.

He is currently running an interactive cultural performance program that caters to the enrichment of student’s exposure to music, artwork, and it’s relation to Native American and Aboriginal cultures. (

Co-Founder of R.I.C.E Institute, Research Institute of Conscious Evolution, R.I.C.E is an organic organization formulated to support and perpetuate the movement of the transformation of consciousness. A strong focus on the healing arts, self-visualization/healing and sacred circle gatherings that assists in the eventual unfolding of the sacred mystery’s plan. 

He was first introduced to the ancient sounds of the Aboriginal Didgeridoo in 1998 on a three month journey to Australia. The profound physical and spiritual revelation that emerged from those sounds leads him to the teachings of his masters. This has put him on the path of discovery, sharing and healing. His learning has taught him that there are better, more affect way to pilot ones self through the every changing, fast pace and at times chaotic world we live in. He and his wife Sarah live on a small farm in Madison Connecticut.


Sequoyah Trueblood  Sequoyah is a member by blood of the Choctaw people. He grew up in Oklahoma and currently resides in Kahnawake with the woman he walks beside Marlyn Kane.



Waka Tangga  is an experience for your head, your heart, and your soul.

Waka Tangga is a musical and artistic journey to be enjoyed by those who create, listen, feel and see. This movement is intended to bring a sense of calm to the world through artistic expression and creative thinking.

The sights and sounds heard here and in Waka Tangga performances are intended to provoke a positive change within the musicians, the listeners and the watchers. That change can mean many things to different people, so be open to many possibilities, but expect nothing.

Waka Tangga hopes to help aid this natural movement towards a better sense of understanding of the world we live in and within ourselves. It is our hopes to help create a more peaceful and sustainable physical and spiritual environment for our planet and the humans that live with her. We hope you enjoy and perhaps become part of our efforts.

The Expansion Project is a unique blend of multi-tonal singing, sequenced sounds, didgeridoo, flutes, steel cello and an assortment of percussion instruments blending to produce deep musical journeys and meditations. The music is created on the concept of using the sustain and vibration that resonates after a note is struck.

Christopher Cameron, keyboards and synthesizers
Jim Cole, Multi tonal singer
John Boiano, percussion est.
Pete Onofrio, Didgeridoo, flutes, percussion, vocals