Wellness Offerings

Sound Healing

The didgeridoo, gongs, chimes, tuning forks and voice has been used for sound therapy for many years.  Here at the Blue Star we offer sound healing sessions and a place to come unwind, be present and let the sonic vibrations help sooth and heal a persons being.  Make your appointment today for your personal sound healing experience! 

Private Yoga

We host enumerable events and instructors up in the barn to small classes of focused yogis looking to deepen their practice. 

Meditation Classes

Come be apart of our ever-growing meditation group and see how a group can help keep you focused and go deeper.

Didgeridoo Workshops

Come take a course on learning the didgeridoo!  In this program you will learn how to play and paint the aboriginal didgeridoo.  Learn the techniques on how to make your instrument sing!  Take home your own didgeridoo.  This is great for small groups interested in learning new things such as; breath control, breathing techniques, meditation and indigenous music.


Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Typically four times a year we offer to a small group of people the seat lodge ceremony as taught to us in the Lakota tradition.  Sequoyah Trueblood brought us the sweat lodge over ten years ago and we continue to grow learn and share this event with like minded interested people.  Come be a part of this deeply elemental connective practice and help deepen your connection to Source.

Contact us about any of these offerings:  farm@discoverbluestar.com