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Having been born and raised in the Central Appalachian Mountains of Eastern, Ky. Kevin has also lived in Florida and currently resides in mountains of Western North Carolina.

Growing up on a farm in Eastern, Ky., Kevin was instructed early on in the ways of growing, harvesting and processing techniques of various agriculture products. Additionally, Kevin was raised to understand various wild and medicinal plants which grew in the area and their various usages and identification methods.

From that beginning, he began to study Herbal Medicine and Natural Health and over the last thirty years, Kevin has studied under various Native teachers, Healers and Shamans as well as acquiring a Master Degree in Herbal Medicine and Natural Health. He has also studied with the world reclaimed Author and Wilderness Expert, Tome Brown, Jr. for over twenty years.

Using this experience and expertise on the uses of plant medicine, identification and treatment of various conditions, preparations and dosages of herbal products, Kevin currently enjoys a loyal following of patients and associates. Kevin continues to expand his knowledge of Herbalism to include the Hemp/CBD supplements that Blue Star Hemp produces and sells.


Pete and his family own and operate the Blue Star Collective. Pete started this concept farm to incorporate the wisdom of various teachers, lovers of good music and those seeking to better themselves and the Earth for generations to come. Pete teaches classes on the Didgerdoo and has traveled extensively studying from various teachers, gurus and seekers of knowledge. A visionary and holder of the place where all of the Blue Star Collective takes place, Pete has dedicated himself to furthering his vision.


Having spent 20 years in the industry of floral design, Catherine Epright is quite excited to be moving into the field of growing and nurturing plants as opposed to “chopping them up”. The emerging Hemp Program in CT lead her to Blue Star farms and enrolling in the Nations 1st Horticulture of Cannabis course offered by an accredited college, through UCONN, this past summer.

Her background of honoring living materials and the direction of Blue Star farms and craft-grown hemp is a perfect match for her life-long affinity of plants as living beings.

She is looking forward to see where this new direction will take her, and loves being outdoors as well as the entire process of bringing plants through the life cycle. She always promised the flowers she worked with that her next career would be growing them, so this project is also the fulfillment of a promise and a life goal!


Jay can often be found playing percussion, he has been mastering his technique of playing hand drums for the past 30 years. Anyone who knows him has likely been lead down some trails and into the wilderness as hiking has always been a part of his life. Caring for plants is easy for him as he is a natural born “plant whisperer” and has coaxed many an orchid on its last legs to bloom.

Working now at Blue Star hemp farm is the perfect next-step and he can often be found working around the farm, giving the plants what they need.

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