About Blue Star Farm

Know Your Farmer


Having been born and raised in the Central Appalachian Mountains of Eastern, Ky. Kevin has also lived in Florida and currently resides in mountains of Western North Carolina.

Growing up on a farm in Eastern, Ky., Kevin was instructed early on in the ways of growing, harvesting and processing techniques of various agriculture products. Additionally, Kevin was raised to understand various wild and medicinal plants which grew in the area and their various usages and identification methods.

From that beginning, he began to study Herbal Medicine and Natural Health and over the last thirty years, Kevin has studied under various Native teachers, Healers and Shamans as well as acquiring a Master Degree in Herbal Medicine and Natural Health. He has also studied with the world reclaimed Author and Wilderness Expert, Tome Brown, Jr. for over twenty years.

Using this experience and expertise on the uses of plant medicine, identification and treatment of various conditions, preparations and dosages of herbal products, Kevin currently enjoys a loyal following of patients and associates. Kevin continues to expand his knowledge of Herbalism to include the Hemp/CBD supplements that Blue Star Hemp produces and sells.