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The Blue Star: 

Besides being an organic and sustainable Hemp Farm, Blue Star is also a place where artist, musicians, chefs, forward thinkers and peace keepers can come to share their ideas and creations with a like minded eco conscious community.  A community that shares its concerns as they relate to living in harmony with each other and our planet.


Blue Star Hemp Farm

Sustainable produced Hemp used in our Full Spectrum CBD products.

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Farm to Table Dinners

Fall Harvest Dinner featuring CBD inspired Chef Creations and Live Music

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Sustainably Sourced Products

Handcrafted, sustainably sourced ingredients with attention to every detail makes Blue Star unique in the CBD industry.

Blue Star is committed to providing quality experiences and superior products through our dedication to connection, community, sustainability and a spiritual component that separates Blue Star from the rest of the crowd.


Blue Star Farm To Table CBD Inspired Dinner

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Harvest Season

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Harvest Time is Here and we are most thankful and blessed this year for continuing to be part of a growing sustainable community.
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