Hemp and Herbal Product Information

Product Information and Usage

All CBD products are Full-Spectrum, Whole Plant Extracts. Third Party Testing has been performed on all Products.

For first time and initial usage of CBD products. As the person experiences and adapts to the new product, additional dosages can be incorporated into the daily regime as needed.

Hemp and Olive Oil Based Tinctures
Recommended dosage is 15-20 Drops underneath the tongue Twice Daily. CBD is best ingested under the tongue in a sublingual fashion for optimum absorption. Hold the oil under the tongue for 20-30 seconds. We recommend an initial regime of 5 days on the product and two days off. After the first month or as needed, additional dosages of 15-20 drops is recommended.

Alcohol Based Tincture
Follow the same guidelines above. However due to the flavor associated with the Alcohol based tincture, it is suggested to place the 15-20 drops into a small amount of water or juice and then hold this in the mouth for 5-30 seconds before swallowing.

CBD Herbal Salve
Formulated for a multitude of Topical Applications ranging from arthritis, cuts, burns, sore muscles, Sports injuries, bee stings, eczema, acne, bites, wounds, etc. CBD in conjunction with the four other herbs present enables the body and tissue to heal quickly, regulate the pain sensors, ease inflammation and swelling, heal tissue trauma, reduce pain of bites and stings and alleviate issues associated with the injury. Use as needed in a Topical fashion applying liberally to the affected areas.

Coconut Body Balm

Coconut Oil Infused with Blue Star CBD. Essential oils of Lavender combined with Grape Seed Oil and Vegetable Glycerin. This topical is especially formulated for soothing rough skin, as an after shower skin enhancer lotion or any other external usage for a soothing combination of essential oils and CBD enrichment.

Sports Relief Lotion

Blue Star Hemp Seed Oil based Full Spectrum CBD extract combined with an 86% Organic lotion base and essential oils of Arnica and Wild Orange. This is the ideal Pre or Post-Workout lotion for soothing aching muscles, limbering up the joints before a workout or pain relief from multiple activities that we all experience from our busy workout and work related lives.

Blue Star Devorah Chocolate

Premium, Farmer sourced Cacao from Central America combined with Blue Star Hemp infused cacao butter. Collaboration between Devorah Chocolate and Blue Star Hemp.

Pre-Rolls and Flower
Enjoy our Premium Organic flower products in whichever method you prefer.


Non-CBD Herbal Tinctures

Hand made Herbal Tinctures. Various Formulas utilizing 80 proof alcohol and infused Wildcrafted and Organically grown and sourced Herbs.

Immune Boost Formula/Expectorant and Cough Formula/Cardiovascular Formula/Ginseng Leaf and Root/Goldenseal Leaf. Additional Formulas available by request and availability. Contact us for custom made Herbal products.

The Endocannabinoid System regulates many functions of the body. Long Term usage is recommended in order to establish and maintain the healthy functions of this system. Our well-trained staff can also answer questions and guide the user through all of the leading information prevalent in the market place.
Please contact us by email for additional product questions.

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